Here's a hint: trial sizes aren't just for traveling! The simplicity and value of trial-size skincare products gives people the opportunity to discover new products with a minimal investment.

We’d like to offer you some tips to bring more convenience into your client’s lives and diversify the way you promote trial sizes. When you reach more people, you'll see success in both your clients' skin health and in your retail sales.

Are travel sizes like samples?

Within the Moor Spa brand (100% Natural Source, Canadian-made), travel/trial sizes are 15 or 30ml tubes of all the products your clients love, whereas samples, which are a single-use 3ml size. Available in nearly all the skincare products the brand offers, the convenient trial sizes offer 4-7 uses of the most popular products and up to 15 uses of specialty products, with a per ml price that's comparable to retail sizes. Bonus, Moor Spa travel sizes work within airline rules for volumes of liquids and gels.

Moor Spa features

Who are the clients who want and need these elegant deluxe minis?

In a recent meeting of the Esthies and Their Besties community, we had a dynamic discussion on how to market travel sizes. The community generously shared their creative ideas to reach 5 specific types of clients, including:

1. When they're on the go

Blog images 4When your client comes for their pedicure before vacay, it’s your best opener. Your response to their travel plans is “Oh you are going to want to take your cleansing milk with you!”

  • Travel sizes are brilliant for short weekend jaunts
  • Whether you’re traveling to the cottage or heading out camping, biodegradable products are the safest option, and Moor Spa is the best choice. Nicole mentioned that she’s bringing all the amenities for her upcoming family cottage trip!
  • Jennifer feels that a lot of people forget about their skincare when they travel - especially those who are just getting started with a routine. You’ve helped them establish their skin care goals, and with travel-size skincare, you can help them stick to them. Offering every client a cleanser is probably one of the easiest things to do because everyone needs to wash their face!
2. When they’re experiencing a specific occasional or short-term skincare concern
  • Sunburn - Moor Spa Skin Balm is great when you need it for soothing and repair of skin irritation
  • Breakouts - whether hormonal or as a result of maskne it's great to have Moor Spa Blemish Gel on hand for emergencies
3. When they're hesitant to try something new
  • When Dawn discovered that her client was getting low on her cleanser in another brand, she offered a trial size of Moor Spa Cleansing Milk. The client was back quickly looking for a full-size product, and now she's curious about adding a serum to her regimen. Of course, Moor Spa serums are available in trial sizes too.
  • Kristin finds that some of her clients want to try a product for a few days before committing, and she follows up to answer questions and offers to deliver full-size products to continue to meet skincare goals.
4. When they're just getting started with skincare

Similar to clients who are hesitant to try something new, the client who has never embraced professional skincare products needs some help to find their favourites at an approachable price. Although they're starting small, when they like something they will jump to full-size.

You can also create a “build your own starter set”  promotion, making creating a full skincare regimen simple and convenient.

5. When they're collecting *ALL* the products they can get their hands on

Some people just love having choices, and they embrace their drawer full of luxury products. You can help them tickle their fancy by offering all the Moor Spa trial sizes they want (hey, no judgement!), and then they can choose whatever serum or cleanser they feel like each day. It's more reasonable than buying full sizes, and you'll be able to get plenty of feedback on their favourite products.

How to create promotions with travel size products:

The conversation at Esthies didn't stop with just reaching different clients. The ideas kept flowing, and we came up with a great list of ideas to create promotions with travel sizes.

Lisa's Sun Care kit
Kristin's Facial promotions
  • As an incentive for booking a professional facial treatment for the first time, Kristin offers a complimentary travel size Moor Spa serum targeted to the client's skin concerns
  • In a recent Mother's Day promotion, she offered a travel size Moor Spa Tension Balm
    with the purchase of a gift card for her facial special.
Margaret's In-spa promotions
  • Blog images 6with the purchase of a full size retail product, get a travel size free!
  • build the cost of a custom skin care starter set into the costof a limited-time specialty facial, to get clients on the path to healthier skin
  • partner with other local businesses to include travel size products in gift baskets or other promotions (you could work with florists, chocolatiers, wineries, and more!)

Patricia's Thank You gift

  • Surprise and delight your favourite clients with an unexpected thank you gift of a trial size product.
Jennifer's Mailing List builder
  • offer a monthly giveaway to those who have subscribed to your newsletter.
Jessica's conversation starter
  • make a note of who has purchased or been gifted a travel or sample product so you can check in and ask for feedback a week or so later.

When you're thinking of creating your own promotions, make a plan to talk to our brilliant Client Success Manager, Nicole first. She has great ideas, and can help you make the most effective promotion possible. Book a meeting with her at your convenience.

For more insight on using travel sizes in your spa or esthetics business, please see our Instagram Live on the topic.


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