In 2019, a group of practioners that included dermatologists, foot care nurses, and podiatrists received an invitation to Germany to assess a new professional footcare line, in preparation for a North American launch.
They immediately learned how much they could help their clients by offering education and recommending the use of this new product.
Because there's nothing else like this product on the market, education for both the professional and the consumer is vital. It's not a secret that L’Moor has always placed high value on education, and it’s one of the reasons we know that Podoexpert is an excellent fit for our clients.
To start, it’s important to understand that what most lotions do is moisturize skin, providing temporary relief from symptoms of dry skin. In contrast, Podoexpert gets to the root of the concern and actually repairs the cause of dry, flaky or cracked skin.
Generally speaking, the source of dry skin is a lack of lipids, which causes the skin’s protective barrier, the stratum corneum, to be damaged and crack. Aging, disease, nutrition, UV damage, and smoking are all things that impact the health of the stratum corneum and its lipid layer  and cause it to be depleted. Cracks start to form, resulting in dryness that leads to other dermatological issues.
Picture the layers of the skin as a brick wall.
The skin’s cells make up the bricks, and lipids the "mortar". Together they create a solid surface of protection. An intact “wall” keeps out bacteria and other pathogens, and holds in moisture and nutrients.
stratum corneum
To build this wall of protection, Neubourg Health Care has created skin-equivalent lipids that are:
  • delivered topically
  • highly bioavailable
  • clinically proven to induce skin repair - in only 30 days.
One bottle used twice daily creates marvellous results.

PodoExpert - IG



What is the technology involved?

There are two patented technologies that make PodoExpert so effective:
  • lipo2 - highly absorbable lipids that mimic the skin and are similar to those that occur naturally
  • BarrioExpert - forms a protective, breathable coating on the skin, without being occlusive
Together, this technology works to fill all the holes between the skin’s bricks.

What does the research say?

In a recent trial published in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, researchers measured the presence of PodoExpert lipids from before the start of the trial, until the end. After 30 days, they found a 3x increase in the length and health of the lipid compound, effectively filling gaps in the stratum corneum.
This increase indicates the bioavailability of the PodoExpert lipids and good restoration of the skin barrier after only 4 weeks of treatment.
How will this apply to your clients? The most important thing is to be able to explain to them that this is the only professional footcare product that has been clinically shown, in a randomized controlled trial, to cause the repair and regeneration of damaged skin.

Understanding PodoExpert's Unique Features

  • Patented delivery technologies
  • Fast absorbing and completely non-greasy
  • Significantly higher yield than other creams (as much as 3x more!)
  • Best compatibility the socks and compression stockings that your clients are wearing
  • Can be used between the toes, even for your clients with diabetes

To bring this effective line to your footcare practice, or to offer it for homecare, try the

Podoexpert Professional Starter Bundle, with bonus Diamancel #5 stainless steel callus file* or the Complete Retail Starter Set, with 50 bonus Dry to Cracked Skin Foam Samples*.

* while quantities last. 

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