“Your customer service is so great!” 

(We hear this a lot, and it makes us really happy)

What fuels our commitment to excellence?

LMoor - OLWN Employer CertificateWe believe that the talented people we work with represent the most critical investment in not only our business but also the prosperity of the wider economy. 

To that end, we once again have a committed to our team to pay them a living wage. A “living” wage is more than a “minimum” wage, it’s the amount of money a person needs to cover not only the cost of their living expenses but the cost of actively participating in their community.

Through the National Living Wage Framework, the actual cost of food, shelter, clothing, childcare, transportation, and other living expenses are calculated (specific to our region of Northumberland County), and our job is to ensure that what we pay exceeds those amounts.

We are awfully pleased and proud to announce that L’Moor has qualified to become a certified living wage employer at the Champion level. 

You can learn more about living wage certification with the Ontario Living Wage Network at http://www.ontariolivingwage.ca.

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