Are your clients prone to swollen, heavy calves, ankles, and feet? They might describe them as achy, tired, itchy, crampy, and stiff, and it may feel like they are dragging 5-pound weights around their ankles. Heavy legs can look swollen or pale because of poor circulation, or bumpy in the presence of varicose veins. This heavy feeling is caused by venous insufficiency, and with blood pooling around the lower extremities, it can be difficult for veins to return blood to the heart. 

Up to 50% of women are affected by Heavy Leg Syndrome and it’s often aggravated by long periods of standing, airplane travel, carrying extra body weight, and pregnancy. In the summer, heat and humidity can make it worse.

Treat the symptoms of poor circulation and re-energize heavy legs with the Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment. In addition to regular exercise and other lifestyle choices, this treatment may help prevent the signs of varicose veins, and it will definitely leave your clients feeling more energized after long periods of time on their feet. It's also a great reward after stressful holiday shopping!

Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment ProtocolThe Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment is an ideal treatment for those who spend a lot of time on their feet;  athletes, people with diabetes, or during pregnancy. Inspired by the detoxifying, circulation-stimulating, and nourishing effects of the signature Austrian Deep Moor, the nutrient-rich Herbal Bath with pine essential oil soothes sore tired feet while helping activate circulation. After exfoliation, the deeply hydrating effects of Moor Gel Body Mask and the cooling effect of Tension Balm relax and rejuvenate tired legs as either a standalone treatment or an upgrade to your pedicure.

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