Oh, those fads...
TikTok brings us a viral trend with a K-Beauty influence, and your skincare clients are all over it.
There's no delicate way to say this, but "slugging" gets its name from the feeling you would get if a slug were crawling across your face, leaving a trail of slime. Ew, David.
That being said, it can be a good concept. The idea is to use a heavy, occlusive product before bed to trap (ideally healthy, beneficial ingredients) underneath the coating. Overnight, the products (preferably targeted to specific skin concerns) penetrate the skin, allowing it to absorb all the juicy hydration and nutrients.
The next morning, you wake up with healthy, glowing skin, just like magic.

What are the risks of slugging with Vaseline?

no vaseline
The original trend calls for petrolatum jelly, also known as Vaseline (or another heavy, petroleum based product). But...
  • Depending on who you live with, you could wake up with cat hair all over your face.
  • You will end up with slimy sheets and pillowcases.
  • Incomplete cleansing can leave bacteria on the skin, increasing the risk of breakouts.
  • You may also be creating milia under your eyes, which are almost impossible to get rid of.
Some dermatologists recommend slugging, but in the professional skincare industry, we realize that they don't always have specialized knowledge of skincare products. A dermatologist is a medical doctor who manages diseases related to skin, hair, and nails (like allergies, cancer, warts, antibiotics). In contrast, estheticians and skincare therapists have specialized knowledge of skin and how to care for it.
Occlusive treatments can indeed offer great benefits, but it’s our philosophy that petroleum products don’t provide any inherent advantage, and they do carry potential risks.
Your clients want to wake up with juicy, hydrated skin, so here are some ideas on how to help your clients have great skin at home, with natural products, and take part in a fun trend.

How to get the benefits of slugging with natural skincare products, and no petroleum derivatives 

MoorSpa-103In the evening, perform a good skincare regimen, which should include:
  1. Thorough cleansing,
  2. Exfoliation, if needed (removing dead skin cells will help products penetrate)
  3. Mist toner to rebalance skin pH
  4. Apply a targeted serum for your skincare concerns (hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts, anti-aging
  5. Massage moisturizer according to your skin type into the skin
  6. Pat Nourishing Facial Oil all over your face
    Skin Balm - rich and healing
  7. Apply a nice healthy layer of Moor Spa Skin Balm, that wondrous magic ointment with Goldenseal(naturally antibacterial), Shea Butter (anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and richly healing) and Cocoa Butter (the rich fat forms a highly protective layer on the skin). About 3ml should be plenty.
  8. Sleep well, wake up glowing.
To get this same result in a professional skincare service, use the Professional Peel-Off mask from Moor Spa, an occlusive rubberizing mask that will seal in all the nutrients that you layer on. Remove upwards from the chin (it's more fun when you remove it in one piece!) A hot towel used around the edges of the face removes any residual mask. Then you can finish with Skin Balm for a dewy effect, or a Moor Spa moisturizer for skin type.
When you share your skincare knowledge on your social platforms, make sure to use the hashtag #slugging, to get the benefit of the trend! Other good hashtags include #naturalskincare #naturalskin #naturalskincaretips and of course, #moorspa and #moorspaskincare!
Slugging also makes a great video demo to show your clients how to apply products, and how much to use. Make sure to tag us (@lmoorbringsmore) in your promos!
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