You’ve just created a beautifully structured and shaped nail foundation using Lexy Line or JimmyGel, and now you’re curious which of the LE colour systems to apply next. You are in luck! We have an option perfect to fit your application style, art style and removal requirements.

Choose the best chemistry, better adhesion, best education, better wear and best products  choose LE! 

No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that all LE gels are 100% HEMA Monomer Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and are responsibly manufactured in Redmond, Oregon!

LE carries three main product categories for colour and decoration:
P+ Gel Polish, ButterCreams and LE Colour/Glitter Gels.

Here's the basics of what you should know about each formula below!

P+ Color and Glitter Gel Polishes - Soak-off convenience with rich colour/glitter, smooth brush-bottle application and 21+ day wear. Use over any finish filed LE structure gel or acrylic.

Do you want long-lasting color with brush-bottle application and soak-off removal? P+ Gel Polish is for you!
✨Featuring 21+ day wear
✨Highly-pigmented colour right out of the bottle
✨Apply over P+ QDbase for the fastest removal
✨Apply over JimmyGel building base in a bottle for added strength and length in a soakable extension
✨You can also apply over Lexy Line or Acrylic!
✨LE is always HEMA Monomer Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten Free


ButterCream - Achieve detailed nail art or thin colour overlays from one dynamic, hard gel colour formula. Apply over any finish filed LE structure gel or acrylic. (Two viscosities in one 5 ml jar!) 

Do you like to perfectly shape and structure a nail before applying colour? ButterCream is for you!
✨4+ Week wear
✨Highly opaque hard gel
✨Perfect for nail art
✨2 Viscosities in 1 jar
✨Apply in 1-2 thin coats without adding any unwanted thickness
✨LE is always HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten Free 

LE Colour and Glitter Gels - Add additional strength and colour or glitter with hard gel durability. Use over any LE structure gel or acrylic. Do note, LE Colours and Glitters can add some additional thickness to the nail, so consider this when shaping your structure. (Available in 17 ml jars)

It's no secret that Light Elegance Glitter Gels are the best on the market! That's why LE Glitter Gels have once again won the title, "Best Glitter" in NAILPRO Magazines, Readers' Choice Awards for 3 years in a row!

Why Choose LE Glitter Gels?
✅ 4+ week wear
✅ 100% HEMA Monomer Free
✅ Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon
✅ Applies easily over Lexy Line Hard Gels, JimmyGel or Acrylic
✅ 4+ seasonal collections keep you on-trend
✅ First-ever Glitter Gel formulation to ensure glitter stays suspended (NO mixing!)
✅ LE is always HEMA Monomer Free, 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Gluten Free

We hope this helps you navigate the LE colour product line! If you have any further questions, never hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

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