Your clients trust you for your skills in skincare and wellness. Extend that trust to their holiday shopping by curating thoughtful product bundles, gifts with purchase, and stocking stuffers. Your recommendations can save them time and guarantee a gift that makes them shine.

Help your clients be ready for the holidays!

The holiday season is all about showing love and appreciation. When you offer customized gift solutions, you're demonstrating a personalized level of care that goes beyond the treatment room. It's a way of saying, "We know what you need and like, and we're here to help make your holidays extra special."

Convenience for Clients: Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. By providing curated selections, you're offering a one-stop shop for your clients. They can find the perfect gift right at your spa, saving them from the stress of wandering crowded stores or scrolling endlessly online.

Boost in Sales: Offering holiday-ready products and promotions isn't just a service to your clients; it's a smart business move. The holiday season is your best bet to increase retail sales and attract new customers. An excellent holiday retail selection can help you be more profitable (while spreading the holiday joy, of course!).

Stocking Stuffers: Elf Essentials

Stocking stuffers are typically smaller, more affordable products, making them an accessible and attractive option for clients looking for budget-friendly gifts. They're also a convenient solution for clients who may be looking for quick, thoughtful gifts. They are easy to pick up on impulse or as an add-on to larger purchases.

Ideal for Gift Exchanges: Small, well-packaged stocking stuffer products are perfect for gift exchanges, adding to their appeal for clients during the holiday season.
Increases Brand Visibility: Miniature versions of your best products serve as effective brand ambassadors. It's a great way for them to learn about your brands and share the spa experience with others in a meaningful yet cost-effective way.

Hand Care Bundle
Wilderness Foaming Hand WashPamper On the Go
Travel Essentials
Mini Facial Delight
Relaxation Anywhere
Spa-Quality Cleanse

Product Bundles: Elevate the Experience

Bundles often provide a perceived value greater than the sum of the individual products. This can encourage clients to purchase more, increasing overall sales. Your clients also appreciate the convenience of having products that complement each other, making it easier for them to achieve their skincare and wellness goals.

Convenience for Clients: Bundles simplify the shopping process for clients. Instead of choosing individual products, they can opt for a curated set that addresses specific needs or provides a complete skincare routine.

Luxurious Shower Bliss
Complete Facial Care
Body Indulgence
Esse 30-day #Rewilding KitDiscover Esse
Moor Spa Magic
  • Choose a Moor Spa Travel Kit or build your own with the wide range ofms419 (4) Moor Spa's convenient travel-size skin and body products (let us help you with this!) 
Sweet Scents Duo
Ultimate Bath Experience

Gifts with Purchase: Because Your Clients Deserve More

Offering your clients a special gift along with their holiday purchases encourages larger purchases, introduces new products, helps manage your inventory, and makes a highly effective marketing tool. Plus, it shows your clients how much you appreciate them.  

Promotion of Brand Loyalty:  Clients are more likely to return to a spa that consistently offers added value, strengthening the spa-client relationship.
Clearing Excess Inventory: A "gift with purchase" helps to manage inventory. Offering complimentary items on higher-value purchases can help clear out excess stock and ensure that your products keep moving off your retail shelves.
Encouragement of Larger Purchases: To qualify for a free gift, clients may be motivated to make larger purchases or try multiple products, leading to a higher average sale.Esse Festive Pack 2023

Esse Exclusive
  • Esse Festive Packs - Offer your clients this special gift with a minimum spend or service (Offered at no charge to qualified Esse stockists in Eastern Canada!)
Facial Radiance Duo
Platinum Perks
Manicure Marvel
Pedicure Paradise
  • With the sale of a pedicure gift card, offer the gift of healthy feet with PodoExpert. Especially magical for dry and cracked heels! 
Herbal Bath Bonanza
  • With the sale of a healing and healthful deluxe body treatment gift card,  offer a box of 5 Moor Spa Herbal Bath to boost the wellness benefits.
Moor Spa Tension BalmPain Relief Bliss Bonus
  • With the sale of a therapeutic massage gift card, offer the memorable Moor Spa Tension Balm as a healing gift. Your clients will come back for it again & again!

Make this holiday season unforgettable for your spa clients with these thoughtful gifts. Happy gifting!

Please note the product availability may vary. We're happy to bring our creativity to help you meet your client needs in the upcoming holiday season. Let us know how we can help! 

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