Probiotics are vital

  1. They protect you from pathogens (like armour for your face)

  2. They improve barrier function

  3. They maintain calm and reduce sensitivity

  4. They manufacture moisturizing factors

  5. They maintain skin pH (very important - don’t mess with pH!)

Skin Armour

Probiotics help protect your skin from pathogens. They form a layer and use all the available nutrients so that opportunistic pathogens can’t colonise. They also produce anti-microbial peptides that make life really tough for incoming bad guys.



Barrier Function 

Tight junctions are “stitches” between skin cells that keep water in and toxins and pathogens out. They are essential for good barrier function. Lactobacillus has been shown to improve the quality and quantity of tight junctions in skin.



Probiotics for Sensitivity

Live Lactobacillus bacteria on the skin can communicate with your skin’s immune system to keep it in check so that it doesn’t overreact. The improvement of barrier function also prevents many toxins from penetrating the skin in the first place.


Probiotics Moisturize

Probiotic bacteria produce hyaluronic acid which is an intensely moisturizing active that naturally holds moisture in your skin. They have also been shown to decrease Trans Epidermal Water Loss and improve skin hydration by improving barrier function in skin.




As we age, our skin pH drifts higher and higher. Lactobacillus probiotics produce Lactic acid and other acids that keep your skin’s pH in the optimal range, 4.5 to 5. A little help to keep the pH down will be welcomed by your skin.


Ready to begin your 30 day Rewilding journey with Esse Probiotic Skincare?

Use only the Sensitive CleanserSensitive Toner, and Nourish Moisturizer for the first 5 days. If your skin is happy, introduce the Sensitive Protect Oil and, after a week, treat your skin to a boost of actives with the Resurrect Serum. From here, continue the full routine for 30 days. We'd love to hear about your experience! Comment below, email us or use the hashtag #30dayrewild when you share your experience.
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