There are many reasons why, as a practitioner in the spa, esthetics, and wellness industry, you want to follow sustainable environmental practices.

First, it's the right thing to do, given what we know about overflowing landfills, and the stark climate change realities. Second, you attract clients who also value eco-conscious practices, and that's good for the growth of your business. Finally, it's an opportunity to not only save on business expenses like utilities, but it's a great way to make more money by offering the healthy products and services your clients are looking for.

Water Conservation

Waterless Body Treatments:

Moor Spa Seaweed GelWaterless body wraps (including Moor and Seaweed Gel-based wraps) offer a great (and healing) client experience but use a lot less water. Your client remains cocooned in comfort in your treatment room, and you don’t need to send them to a shower.

Low-Flow Fixtures:

Install low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets to minimize water wastage while still maintaining a good client experience. If you're renting your space, talk to your landlord about how it can save money for both of you!

Drought-Resistant Landscaping:
If you have outdoor areas at your spa, choose drought-resistant plants that require less water to maintain. 

Use and Sell "Green" Products

Environmentally Friendly Products:

In your services and on your retail shelves, offer natural and organic skincare and bodycare products that are accredited by well-respected organizations, and contain healthy ingredients. You'll appeal to your eco-conscious client, and protect your staff from potential allergic contact dermatitis as well. 

Foaming Handwash ScentsIn washrooms and at hand washing stations, use a hands-free foaming hand wash dispenser filled with healthy Green Cricket foaming hand wash (available in several natural scents, which is also great to offer for retail. Also available in a concentrated refill).

Reduce single-use items when possible:

When an option for a disinfectable product exists (such as a stainless steel implement instead of a birchwood/orangewood stick) you can follow the appropriate protocol and use environmentally friendly disinfectants like PREempt, which break down into hydrogen peroxide and water and are safe for people, and safe to dispose of. 

L_Moor Q3-51PREempt CS20 disinfects to a high level or chemosterilizes, and only costs about $5.50 for 14-day reuse. If you choose HLD5 instead, the cost is only about $6.

If you're disinfecting a pedicure station, our recommendation is to opt for an impeller jetted pedicure station instead of a "recirculating" station, because not only do they cost $6 EACH TIME they are disinfected (and use a lot more water), but they produce potentially hazardous biofilm.

Waste Reduction and Recycling:

Set up clearly labeled recycling stations throughout your spa to encourage the separation of waste and recycling.

Energy Efficiency

LED Lighting:

You can save money and reduce electricity consumption by replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lights. Plus, they last forever (50,000 hours!).

Smart Thermostats:
  • Install programmable or smart thermostats to regulate heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, optimizing energy use based on occupancy and time of day.
  • Use smart switches and plugs for any equipment that needs to be turned on at a specific time, such as your wax warmer. Wouldn't it be great to arrive at work in the morning and find your wax warm and ready to use?
Efficient Equipment:

Use energy-efficient appliances, including your washing machine and dryer, to reduce water usage and energy consumption, and use less detergent.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices

Marketing Strategy:

Let your clients know about your spa's commitment to sustainability in your marketing efforts to attract environmentally conscious clients.

  • Create short videos that show the steps that you follow to disinfect your tools.
  • Show the items you use in services that are disposable and those that are disinfected and reused.
  • Demonstrate the process you follow to clean and disinfect after manicure and pedicure services.
  • Explain why you've chosen to use natural and organic products in your spa services and for homecare.

Green Certifications:
Know the environmental certifications of the brands you choose - ensure they are valid and recognized

  • CertClean (Canadian) (Moor Spa participates in this certification)
  • Leaping Bunny (Moor Spa,  Esse and Green Cricket all commit to no animal testing)
  • One Tree Planted (a portion of each sale of Moor Spa Kelzyme Cleansing Bar goes toward reforestation efforts) 
  • EcoCert (Esse Skincare products are internationally certified organic by EcoCert)

By adopting sustainable practices you showcase your spa's commitment to sustainability, which builds your reputation and along with that, the trust of your clients.

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