We're delighted to share the official news with you: L'Moor is now the exclusive sponsor for the Skills Ontario Aesthetics Contest, supporting the top students in Ontario's colleges as they compete in the 2024 Skills Ontario Competition.

This partnership offers future aestheticians exceptional value in showcasing their talent with award-winning, healthy, and safe professional products including Moor Spa Skin & Body Care and Light Elegance Nail Enhancements.

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What Is Skills Ontario and the Skills Ontario Competition?

Skills Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that empowers young people in discovering, pursuing, and excelling in careers within skilled trades and technologies, like Aesthetics.
Annually, Skills Ontario hosts the Skills Ontario Competition - Canada's largest skilled trades competition. Each year, over 2400 students compete in 70 areas, including Aesthetics, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Photography, Plumbing and more. The event also includes a Career Exploration Showcase, where attendees can meet with industry representatives (like us!) to learn about training and job opportunities.
This year's Aesthetics Contest, May 6-8 at the Toronto Congress Centre, showcases competitors excelling in safe, competent, and professional aesthetics treatments. Winners are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals, and the chance to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition, potentially advancing to a WorldSkills Competition.

What's the link between the Aesthetics Industry and the Skills Ontario Aesthetics Contest?


Skills Ontario (1)1. Promoting Safety: The contest aligns with industry standards, regulations, and best practices, emphasizing staying updated on ensuring the health and wellbeing of both aestheticians and their clients.

2. Competence & Skill Development: Instructors, mentors, and future employers all play a role in shaping the skills of future aestheticians, ensuring students get comprehensive and relevant training to keep a pipeline of qualified individuals entering and staying in the field.

3. Celebrating Professionalism: The contest shines a spotlight on outstanding talent and increases the visibility of our industry as a skilled trade.


Together, let's continue to cultivate a positive perception of aesthetics as a profession and inspire more young people to pursue careers in our industry.

With 7 in 10 competitors planning to pursue a pathway related to the contest they entered at the Skills Ontario Competition, we look forward to the unique opportunity for collaboration between competitors, educators, professionals and potential employers. We continue to advocate for the growth and success of our industry by supporting the next generation of skilled professionals who will contribute to its success.

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