We've been having ongoing conversations in the L'Moor Beauty and Wellness Facebook Community, about grants, financial supports, and other business resources available to the hard-hit spa and wellness industry in Canada (although predominantly in Ontario, it's worth a few minutes of research to locate similar resources in your own province). 

With a small investment of time and energy, you can access the support you need to reduce expenses and increase your income to build (or rebuild) a sustainable and profitable business.

Esthies and Their BestiesThe first and best way to learn about the options open to you and your business is to use your own network first. By registering for the weekly Esthies and Their Besties calls, you can connect to a like-minded community of smart business owners who share their insights to help each other solve problems and create growth.

If you find that the thought of applying for any of these grants or accessing resources is overwhelming, please know that we're here to help get you started. You can book a meeting with Bonnie at L'Moor to get some tips on the best way to move forward.

And now, take a deep breath and read about some resources that are here to help you!

Federal Programs

Business Benefits Finder 

  • Find the right programs and services, just by answering a few questions

COVID-19 benefits and services

  • All the services and information available from the Government of Canada related to COVID, including CRCB, CRSB, CWLB.

Canada Recovery Hiring Program

  • A program for businesses with employees, where you can be reimbursed up to 50% of what you pay your employee(s) if you can show a reduction in business income. At this link you can apply for both wage and rent subsidies.

Provincial Programs

Worker Income Protection Benefit

  • Up to 3 days paid leave for employees who are off work for reasons related to COVID. Employers are reimbursed for what they pay their employees for those 3 days.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

  • Reimbursement of training expenses that employees need to do their jobs. There are lots of opportunities, but the training can't be offered by product vendors, nor can business owners be reimbursed. This grant applies to college programs though!

Small Business Enterprise Centres

  • All the tools an entrepreneur (that's you!) needs to start and grow their business. How about a free consultation with a business consultant? 

Non-government programs and resources

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

  • This is a membership-based group with lots of free resources. They advocate on behalf of their members to improve government policies. Their work has been really valuable for business challenges throughout the pandemic. Among other programs, they offer funding to local chambers for the Shop Local program. Great networking opportunities too.

Digital Main Street

  • In a partnership between the Government of Ontario and Canada, this innovative program offers grants and resources to help businesses be BETTER online. Several businesses in our community have benefitted from this program!

Ontario Tourism

  • Find your local tourism board and, among other opportunities, get your business listed on the local tourism guide website.

Business Development Bank of Canada

  • In addition to financing options (similar to a bank), BDC has a large section of tools and resources


  • National market research and support for Black women founders in Canada. 

Do you have some more resources to share with the spa and wellness community? Just Contact Us and tell us more!

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