As we step into a brand new year, the beauty industry is buzzing with excitement and possibilities. Clients are eager for fresh beginnings, and what better way to captivate their aspirations than by offering exclusive “New Year, New You” treatments from the Moor Spa menu? These rejuvenating services are designed to not only pamper but also inspire a transformative journey towards beauty and wellness. Here’s a curated selection to elevate your salon or spa offerings:

Treatments from Moor Spa

1. Moor Spa Facial Rejuvenation:

Experience the Moor Spa Difference

Enchant your clients with a signature facial that harnesses the power of Moor essence. This treatment combines the purifying properties of moor mud with luxurious ingredients like olive oil, coconut fatty acids, and lavender essential oil. The result? A deeply hydrating and rejuvenating experience that leaves the skin supple, radiant, and ready to face the new year. The Moor Spa Signature Facial is a celebration of holistic radiance for all skin types, a facial symphony that orchestrates beauty from within. The ritual unfolds with an invigorating start, inhalations infused with essential oils setting the stage for a transformative experience.


2. Radiant Renewal Peel:

Vitamin C Infusion for Flawless Skin

Introduce a dynamic peel that revitalizes the skin’s texture and tone. Our Glycolic Toner and plant based Vitamin C ampoules , expertly formulated for professional use, enhances exfoliation and promotes cellular renewal. Paired with Moor Spa’s unique touch, this treatment unveils a smoother complexion, diminishes fine lines, and imparts a youthful radiance, setting the stage for a rejuvenated year ahead.

3. Revitalizing Moor Mud Body Wrap:

Detoxify and Energize from Head to Toe

Offer your patrons the ultimate full-body indulgence with our Moor Mud Body Wrap. This detoxifying treatment draws out impurities, stimulates circulation, and nourishes the skin. Guests emerge feeling revitalized, with a sense of renewal that permeates both body and spirit. The perfect way to kickstart a year of self-care.

4. Mindful Moor Massage:

Balancing Body and Soul

Elevate the traditional massage experience by incorporating the grounding properties of moor with the uplifting qualities of the Tension Balm. The Tension Balm takes center stage post-wrap, soothing scalp and neck with rhythmic strokes. A cleansing shower reveals renewed skin, preparing for the final touch – the Contour Cream. Its application, a dance of upward strokes and effleurage movements, completes the symphony, leaving the skin replenished and the spirit uplifted. A mindful Moor Spa Massage not only relaxes tense muscles but also promotes a sense of balance and tranquility. It’s the ideal treatment to help your clients center themselves and embark on the new year with a peaceful mind.


5. Complete Transformation Package:

Tailored Beauty for a New Beginning

Showcase your expertise by curating a comprehensive “New Year, New You” package. Combine the Moor Essence Facial Rejuvenation, Radiant Renewal Peel, Revitalizing Moor Mud Body Wrap, and the Mindful Moor Massage into a transformative experience. Your clients will emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the year ahead.

As beauty professionals, you have the power to inspire confidence and transformation. By incorporating these Moor Spa treatments into your menu, you not only stay on-trend but also offer your clients a unique and unforgettable journey towards a new and improved version of themselves.

In the pursuit of a “New Year, New You,” Moor Spa’s transformative rituals beckon, offering a harmonious blend of nature’s bounty and skincare expertise. Elevate your spa offerings and lead your clients into a year of radiant beauty, profound relaxation, and a rejuvenated sense of self.

Cheers to a year of beauty, wellness, and endless possibilities!




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