Beyond their ability to out-compete harmful microbes, probiotics also improve skin barrier function, produce moisturizing factors, maintain optimal pH levels, and reduce inflammation and sensitivity. These benefits work together to slow down skin aging and promote an overall healthier skin.

Learn more from Esse’s CEO and founder Trevor Steyn in the video below.



Ready to begin your 30 day Rewilding journey with Esse Probiotic Skincare?



Use only the Sensitive CleanserSensitive Toner, and Nourish Moisturizer for the first 5 days. If your skin is happy, introduce the Sensitive Protect Oil and, after a week, treat your skin to a boost of actives with the Resurrect Serum. From here, continue the full routine for 30 days. We'd love to hear about your experience! Comment below, email us or use the hashtag #30dayrewild when you share your experience.


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