When it comes to providing nail care and beauty services, running a successful business requires more than just artistic talent and creative flair. For nail professionals, having a deep understanding of the financial aspects of your services is essential for establishing a sustainable and profitable business.


Lexy Line cost per service

Accurately determining the cost per service is a crucial aspect of financial management that can greatly contribute to the success of your business. In this blog, we will be sharing our top tips on why it is essential to calculate your various costs per service and how it can positively impact your business.

1. Setting the right prices for your nail services is crucial for nail professionals to ensure they cover all the expenses associated with each treatment. By taking into account the cost of products, tools, overhead expenses, and the time spent on each service, professionals can determine a price that is both fair and competitive. Without accurately calculating these costs, professionals may risk undercharging, undervaluing their skills, or even operating at a loss.

Check out the Cost Per Service for Light Elegance Lexy Line Gels here (full set): 

Product Size Services per Container Price (CAD) Cost per Service
Lexy Line 30 30 ml 20 59.95 3.00
Lexy Line 50 50 ml 33 89.95 2.73


Check out the Cost Per Service for JimmyGel here (full set):

Product Size Services per Container Price (CAD) Cost per Service
JimmyGel Soak Off Builder Gel in a Bottle 15 ml 17 24.95 1.47

*Cost per services based on average nail width ⅜” x  length ¾”

2. Evaluating Profitability

Cost Per Service for gel manicures | rebalance gel nails Understanding the cost per service is a must for assessing the profitability of each individual treatment. By carefully comparing the cost per service to the price charged, nail professionals can gain valuable insights into the margin they are earning on each service. Armed with this information, professionals can then make well-informed decisions about which services are the most financially rewarding and identify any areas that may require adjustments to maximize profitability.

Here's a valuable tip: Make the most your time and money by filling your builder gel during each service.  Instead of having to soak off each JimmyGel set, try filling your JimmyGel clients instead. This saves product and time, which means more money in your pocket! Don't forget to use Tack as your bonding agent when filling JimmyGel for longer-lasting wear..

Check out the Cost Per Fill Service for JimmyGel soak off builder gel in a bottle:
Product Size Services per Container Price (CAD) Cost per Service
JimmyGel Soak Off Builder Gel in a Bottle 15 ml 51 24.95 0.49

Check out the Cost Per Fill Service for Lexy Line hard building gels:

Product Size Services per Container Price (CAD) Cost per Service
Lexy Line 30 30 ml 60 59.95 1.00
Lexy Line 50 50 ml 100 89.95 0.90


3. Managing Your Finances

Having a solid budget and financial plan is crucial for the success of any business, including nail professionals. Understanding the cost per service allows you to create accurate budgets and develop a plan. By knowing how much each treatment costs, you can estimate your monthly expenses, plan for future investments, and set realistic revenue targets. This financial knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures the long-term sustainability of your business. So, don't overlook the importance of managing your finances and make it a priority in your nail care or esthetics business!

Why should i calculate cost per service for gel nail services?

4. Making the Most of Your Resources

Carefully evaluating your use ofsupplies, tools, and equipment for each service lets you identify any areas where wastage may occur. Understanding your resources helps you minimize unnecessary expenses and ensuring the efficient use of inventory. This practice directly reduces costs and ultimately improves overall profitability.

Want to better understand your business finances? Join with like-minded professionals and the L'Moor team to discuss financial topics monthly. The Esthies and their Besties networking session is free to join, and we welcome you to connect from anywhere!

5. Staying Ahead in the Market

In today's competitive market, understanding the cost per service is essential for nail professionals to maintain their competitive edge and drive profitability. By gaining a deep understanding of the financial aspects of your business, you can evaluate market rates, compare pricing with competitors, and make the necessary adjustments. This knowledge also allows you to identify opportunities to differentiate your services based on quality, customer experience, or value-added offerings.

Product consistency and performance are also important, and opting for safe, high-quality products  enhance your efficiency and deliver long-lasting results can give you an edge. Discover LE's collection of award-winning, HEMA Monomer Free products here.

While artistic talent and skill are undoubtedly important for nail professionals, it's equally important to have a firm grasp of the financial aspects of your business. Calculating the cost per service provides a comprehensive understanding of the expenses associated with each treatment, empowering professionals to make informed decisions about pricing, profitability, resources, and budgeting. You can achieve financial success, build a sustainable business, and thrive!

Check out Light Elegance's Cost Per Service video for P+ Gel Polish!


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