Here is some inspiration for you as you put together Mother’s Day Packages, treatments and promotions that offer something for every caring gift-giver, for every budget.
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With every spa about to unleash their Mother’s Day Spa packages, how do you set your business apart?
We think it’s time to get real. You can involve real moms in your promotions! Feature your own mom, a friend who is a mom, a client who is a mom. You can share a brief video “interview” with a special mom - perhaps ask her what she wishes for in terms of pampering for this special day?
We've got some more helpful ideas from our recent Esthies brainstorming session:
  • Facials are more than washing your face. Walk through the steps of a facial in daily posts; many moms have never had a facial before.
  • Treatment packages: Mom's Day Out or Spa Day With Mom (this could be mom/child or two mom friends).
  • Gift with purchase of gift certificate: wrapped retail product (customized if you know the mom).
  • Target specific types of gift buyers: moms who buy for themselves to get a surprise, or kids who don't know what to buy for mom.
  • In your retail area, display bundled products together, perhaps even gift wrapped to make the shopping experience easy for your clients.
  • Makes Scents Retail Bundles as a take-home gift with a spa treatment: our Spring picks are Garden of Eden or Strawberry.
  • In a brief video, create a visual walk through of what happens in the promotional treatment.
With any of these suggestions that catch your eye, remember to be consistent in your marketing.
  • Post more than once, and make sure to post on each platform that your business uses: your website, Google business page, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn!
  • Consider advertising with a simple social media or Google ad to attract gift buyers that may not know you’re there.
  • Don't forget that you have a perfect opportunity to tell your clients about your promotions while they are sitting in front of you having a service!
  • With any promotion, always finish with a “call to action”. Whether it’s reserving a Mother's Day package, or making a gift purchase, don’t be shy about asking your client to take action.
Feel free to download these brand images that work well for your Mother's Day marketing! Add your logo to the images (Canva is really useful!), and you're ready to go!

Our Top Gift Picks for Mother's Day Gifts

Your clients know that they can trust you for unique and interesting gift ideas and they would rather purchase from you, their local spa or wellness centre, than at a mall.



Ready, Set, Gift!

A Moor Spa skincare kit is a perfect gift for one-step shopping. Give one to a mom who loves to try out new products, or could use some skincare products to take on a getaway. The Moor Spa Travel Essentials Kit is a full-body travel kit with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, and lip balm, all in convenient airplane-safe sizes.

Customizing at-home facial kits is a fun way for your clients to spend an evening together, connecting with the mother figures in their lives.


Make it More Than a Gift Card

Combine a gift card experience with something to unwrap. Offer gift cards for specific services and match the service to complementary products.



For a manicure/pedicure gift card, pair with Makes Scents Natural Spa Line for luxurious scrubs and butters to care for dry, chapped hands and feet. 

For a facial gift card, pair with a Moor Spa full-size cleanser and moisturizer, and a trial-size Moor Spa mask. Offer different product pairings depending on the facial and/or needs of the client (mature skin, skin brightening, purifying, etc). 

For a body treatment gift card, pair with Moor Spa Body Scrub Cream, Alexander Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath, and/or Body Lotion. You can offer a combination of all three, or just one, depending on budget.

If you would like some creative help making the perfect bundles, book a meeting with Nicole. She’s got you covered.



Take Inspiration From Traditional Gift-Giving

Together with the traditional gift of Mother's Day flowers, there's a great opportunity to market products with blossom-inspired scents for Mother's Day. We recommend Moor Spa Nourishing Facial Oil (made with Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, and Kukui Oil), Makes Scents Garden of Eden Body Scrub and Body Butter, or a gift set of Green Cricket Lavender Hand & Body Care Products.



Feel Good with Sustainable Gifting

GCP199A_GCP212A_GCP296A_1Sustainable gifts are a win-win, for our earth and those who receive them. Promote health for people and planet by offering eco-friendly non-toxic and locally-made personal care products for those who care where their products come from and how they are made. We recommend the Green Cricket Hand Relief Gift Set (Green Cricket focuses on natural ingredients while also being, well, green), the Moor Spa Limited Edition Kelzyme Bar (one tree is planted for every bar sold), and, the Makes Scents Tropical Isle Coconut Body Scrub and Body Butter (this scrub contains 100% pure coconut, nothing more, nothing less and comes from a Certified B Corporation®).


Show Gratitude for All That Moms Do


Create gift baskets that relieve stress, muscle soreness and tension,

 with products like Moor Spa’s soothing, detoxifying and purifying Herbal Bath, and Moor Spa Tension Balm (for relieving muscle tension and headaches – this is great to pair with a massage gift card!)

A soothing foot care basket for moms who spend a lot of time on their feet, could include a SilkLine Two-Sided Foot File with oak wood handle, PodoExpert Dry to Cracked Skin Foam and PodoExpert Cracked Heel Cream.

For an immersive body treatment experience, bring together the Makes Scents Clarify line, including Clarify Bubble Bath, Body Scrub, and Body Butter with the uplifting fragrant essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, and thyme.

In fact, get two, because you're going to want this gift for yourself, too.

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